Hutt Valley Dojo's Classes.

Seniors classes (13 years +) follow a structured syllabus designed to offer a diverse range of exercises aimed at refining technique, enhancing flexibility, building strength, and honing agility and coordination. Tailored to different grades and levels, our classes follow a globally recognized syllabus, ensuring a well-rounded and structured learning experience.


Dive into each session that encompasses dynamic warm-ups, targeted stretching, fundamental hand and leg techniques, engaging pad and bag work, precision-focused footwork and movement drills, empowering self-defense strategies, and challenging sparring sessions.


Explore the rich tapestry of Kyokushin Karate techniques, including powerful punches, dynamic kicks, strategic pushing, explosive jumping, effective foot sweeping, and masterful takedowns. Proficient in Japanese, Sensei Paul instructs in both Japanese and English to immerse you into the culture, traditions and rules of Kyokushin Karate.  


Junior Classes: 6 - 12 years old. 

Students start with warm up exercises which combine co-ordination, balance, team work and fitness. Next, Kyokushin's basic striking, blocking and kicking techniques are practiced every class.


Emphasis is placed on moving training to help students understand how to effectively combine techniques with movement. Classes also include pad and mit work, self defence, stretching, choreographed forms (kata) and sparring.


Our students learn the basic but key elements of this very intense style. These classes are designed to push our students physically and mentally, preparing them to move through the grades. A syllabus is followed to keep in standard with the criteria set by the International headquaters based in Tokyo, Japan. This means that if you were to train in another Kyokushin dojo around the world, your grade would be recognised to be of a similar standard.


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